All the products in this category are new but unboxed. They maybe product returns from other online platforms but they are in perfect working condition. Think of it in this way, you are reducing your #carbonfootprint. A win-win situation either way. Also all unboxed products come with free shipping/collect option.

If, like us, you are fond of gadgets and love a good smart device, you know how painful it is to settle for anything less. And yet, when it costs an arm, a leg, and a kidney to buy that certain thing, the decision has to be made. Thankfully though, there are better ways to get products without spending a tonne of money: unboxed deals

Unboxed Deals refer to returned and shop soiled products that are offered for sale at greatly discounted prices. … If the original packaging is missing or damaged, we will usually reseal the product and this is what you will find in this category as an Unboxed deal.

Boxes get damaged, dusty, torn, broken and sad, just like people. These boxes have been damaged while in transit or in our store room. So yes you are getting a brand new item at a DISCOUNTED price. And we know that some people love packaging. We do believe that packaging is important and it imparts a certain “je ne sais quois” to the online shopping experience. We do understand that for some people it is an essential part of the experience of purchasing and using a product but for others, ITS NOT! So this section is for YOU! You like discounts more,maybe even a bargain. Some disclaimers these items are not returnable. That’s all. The items work perfectly so please let us know if it doesn’t work and we will assist. Always. :))

This item is as good as new, comes with all the original box and accessories. Such products may have signs of wear and tear on the packaging (since they have been through two shipping cycles).

What Unboxed is Not.

Unboxed products are not damaged or broken. They are not defective devices.