Car Door Laser wireless sensor Light Lamps, Powered by 3 Pcs AAA batteries ( Not Included)

Easy installation. No need to drill holes. Just stick the light lamp on the door panel and stick the magnet on the bottom of the car frame. No damages to the car.

This product is wireless especially designed for auto modification fancier and it will not destroy the original car appearance bring more driving fun to drivers.

The logo light will display on the ground when you open the car door and it will be turn off when you close the door. It can be installed in both left & right door.

We have a wide variety such as Toyota, Honda, Ford,  Nissan, Jeep and Chevrolet, Monster, etc

Product Features:-                                                                                                                                                                      Electromagnetic induction,Wireless,No need drilling.
Easy to remove and change.Electromagnetic induction.
No need drill hole type.
Easy to install.
Leading the trends of car.
Lighting sources, no pollution ,no noise.
No electronic interference.
High efficient ,and energy saving ,environment friendly.
Specially designed for auto modification fancier;bring more driving fun to drivers.
Courtesy door light make your car artistic moreover the atmosphere.
Embedded type design will not destroy the original car appearance.

Please checkout the following Youtube link on how to install the device : –


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